Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Clipper Street and Seth Apter

Yes, that title is correct! Seth Apter spent three days teaching right here in Langley, BC, Canada at Clipper Street Scrapbook Company! And I got to be there for the Saturday and Sunday class.

Anyone else ever have an experience that you just can't fit in a Facebook post or Instagram blurb? Well that was my weekend. I don't even know if I have the words now to describe it, but I'm going to fumble all over myself and give it a try.
I think everyone knows how much I love my LSS, Clipper Street. I am grateful on a daily basis that I have this place to go to, for creative supplies, for inspiration, for a talk and a vent too. Deanna works so hard for us to bring in amazing teachers, all the newest product and the whole team is just amazing. Thank you Deanna and all the amazing team at Clipper Street! I did a post a couple of years ago about this fabulous place and you find that post HERE 
I also wanted to give a shout out to the anonymous person that called or emailed Deanna at Clipper Street and generously paid for half of one of my classes. I do not know who it was, but that was an amazing kindess and I was a bit overhwhelmed by that gesture, Kim and Deanna can vouch for that. So to that person, thank you for your kindness!

I had the honor of meeting Seth a couple of years ago at Creativation when I was there with Emerald Creek. Sometimes I fan girl a bit (okay A LOT, there were witnesses to most of it LOL) and talking with Seth was no exception. But he talked to me like a peer and was so kind and gracious, I was just in awe of that experience. Then this weekend having him teach for two full days and being a part of that, mind boggling. Seth is so incredibly talented and so generous with sharing his knowledge. He was so encouraging in class and walked the room to help everyone! As I listened to him teach and learned new techniques, I also learned much more about creating and "letting your piece tell you what it wants/needs". I found learning from Seth to be such a stress free environment, even though I went in thinking "omg, what am I doing here, I shouldn't be here, I'm not good enough, what if i make a mistake, what if I put something in the wrong place" Trust me, you can have all those thoughts, but after a few minutes of being in class and listening to Seth and seeing him do a demo, those thoughts will disappear! You will feel like you belong there and if you have a question, ask it!! Seth is very open with his ideas and help and sharing his talent. I will always be so grateful for this opportunity and a huge thank you to Seth for how approachable he is, how gracious and kind he is and for sharing so much of his talent with the rest of us. It was an honour to have been in your class Seth.

And how cool is that denim shirt!? It even has paint on the back of it!
Now on to one of the best experiences I have been lucky enough to have.
I think most of you who visit my blog know who Seth Apter is, you can find his incredible art/post/supplies at The Altered Page. And you will want to and follow him and see his artwork, go aheadgo add the link to your favorites, I'll wait! :)
The Saturday class was called Get Baked, featuring Seth's new Baked Texture Embossing Powders that he created with Emerald Creek Craft Supplies. Our first project was a small canvas using the Vintage Beeswax and learning some collaging and mark making.

Finished project! 3 glorious layers of Vintage Beeswax!
I love this one! Reheated this section and pressed this stamp into it for texture! Look at the edge of the a and r to see the nice deep impression I got!
 The afternoon was a larger canvas using all the Baked Texture powders. Learned so much about layering paints and creating focal points. And in case you're wondering, the answer is yes, Yes you do need all of the Baked Texture powders.

Not complete, I still have some marks to make. But I love the Chunky Rust I added.

If you're still hanging in here, thank you!! I know this is a long post! Sunday's class was called 52 Card Pick Up and it was an absolute incredible learning experience! I think one of the favorite classes I have ever been a part of. A deck of black gessoed cards and a day of getting painting, stamping, stencilling, collaging and NOT overthinking! Very freeing to just do/create and to do it in an environment where you have such an encouraging teacher that says "if I go left and you go right, that's okay"

Yes, I used a colour called Pumpkin Soup!! I wanted a different colour but it was being used so I just winged it AND I quite like it! Just do it!

Not all 52 cards are completed, but they are ready for collaging! It was such an incredible experience and one I won't forget. Learning to just do and not overthink is a hard one for alot of us, but if you have the opportunity to take a class with Seth, do not miss it! You will learn so much more than just techniques.

Thank you for reading this far and have a really wonderful week!

And as always, thank you for all the support!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The "Be" Notebooks

Happy Tuesday! I'm very excited to share with you my guest post over at Quietfire Design. Thanks so much for having me Suzanne!

Such beautiful calligraphy/hand lettering from Suzanne Cannon that have been turned into stamps and dies!!

Here is my first guest post, The "Be" Notebooks for a travelers journal.

For step out instructions and more close ups of those beautiful quotes make sure you check out the full post on the Quietfire Design Blog today! And while you're there make sure you check out the store and all the wonderful dies and stamps.

Thanks for checking in and I hope you all have a great week!


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Exciting News!!

I am very honored and excited to be a member of the Creative Team for Ann Butler Designs!! Looking forward to sharing projects created with some really fantastic products! Stencils, stamps, ink and iridescent paint!! And be sure to check out the rest of the creative team as well, there are some incredibly talented ladies ready to show you their creations too!
So here is my first ever "unboxing" video!! I'm trying to be brave and try new things. My apologies that it's sideways, told you it was my first one, but you can still see all the fabulous products that the creative team will be working with!

Thanks for stopping by and having a look. Stay tuned to see what's coming soon as the creative team gets busy!
You can find follow along at 
Ann Butler Designs website and you can also find her on Facebook HERE 

Here is a pic of the whole team...see, I told you there was some talented ladies here!

Lisa Rojas - Creative Team Coordinator and co-publisher of  
Tammy Santana 

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, August 6, 2018

Vintage Sewing Storage

Ohh happy long weekend Monday for those of you in most parts of Canada!! I spent my morning helping to pick 5 ice cream buckets (4 litres each) of blackberries!! It was a stabby, scratchy process! But the blackberry jam my Dad makes, is worth it!! :)

Now onto my Vintage Sewing Canister! With some amazing pieces from Southern Ridge Trading Company, a fabulous die from Eileen Hull, Baked Texture Embossing powders from Seth Apter and Emerald Creek and Distress Inks and Paints from Tim Holtz....I have this wonderful little gem!

For more details, some great close up pics of those gorgeous scissors and a list of all the products/colours used, head on over to the SRTC blog today!  And while your visiting be sure to have a look at some of the incredible projects being created by the rest of my teammates!

Thanks for your support, it is always appreciated!