Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clipper Street...My Local Scrapbook Store

It's hard to know where to start when I want to tell everyone about Clipper Street and all the amazing things about it. 
A very basic start would be to tell you about all the businessy stuff, like they ship all over the world, they have all the newest and favorite products in stock all the time, if you need something and they don't have it, they can usually order it for you. They have parking lot Garage Sales in the summer so you can sell your unused stuff and make space for new products! The store is full and always so organized, ask and anyone can tell you where an item is. Or you can just enjoy yourself and wander through all the aisles and see all the products from some of your favorite companies. I spend a lot of time near the Ranger products and Sizzix and Simple Stories and.....well you get the idea. 

Here is the crew from today after their always sold out Christmas Open House with special guest Kelly from Lawn Fawn!

Look at all these smiling faces! And this was after the crazy day they all had taking care of all the customers and serving us treats and running make and takes!

And it's time for the goofy picture!! LOL
Clipper Street also has amazing classes taught by their staff, and some incredible guest teachers. Always working to bring in the most sought after teachers and always creating and designing the incredible classes for you to take. They offer the classes on weekends, evenings and daytime classes as well. 
I've taken classes with Deanna, Jo, Stacey and a mini one today with Meghan. All of them are amazing and so talented. The classes they create are so popular because you get so much bang for your buck, you create in class and almost always have enough left overs to create more at home. There is such a wide variety of classes, card ones, scrapbook layouts, mixed media canvasses, art many interesting ways to learn and create at Clipper Street.

It's all thanks to Clipper Street that I have these two amazing photos and had the chance to meet 2 of my creative idols! 

Learning all about Color Burst and seeing it in action with Ken Oliver, what a great day.

The amazingly genuine and down to earth Dyan Reaveley!! This was something I was so excited for...yes I was the crazy person starting the line up at 4:00 to make sure I got into her class! And this would not have happened with the persistence and determination from Deanna at Clipper Street!
But aside from amazing classes, all the supplies you want/NEED, the businessy stuff, the awesome projects throughout the store that you can take pics of for inspiration.....Clipper Street is really the best of the best because of the people that work there!!

When exciting things happen, and you share it with the girls, they are excited with you. they totally get the excitement. Michelle was working the night I found out I had won a seat in Life Book 2014 and understood my excitement. Linda that was there in the evenings over the summer loved to share projects. This is their passion and you can tell from the way they teach, talk to you and show you what's new in the store. 
Walking into Clipper Street is like walking into an extended family member's house! You are always welcomed, there's joking around and laughs and smiles, and even a few tears sometimes. These ladies treat everyone so well and with respect, it doesn't matter if your a customer that can afford to spend hundreds or a customer that spends a smaller amount, every customer is made to feel like and important part of this store! And it's customer service like that, that keeps people loyal and coming back. You feel like your part of the store and that you matter to them. Seriously....I was trying to decide on a new hair cut and showed Meghan when I was in and decided on a different style LOL  You can be having a hard time with things but when you walk in and start chatting and shopping, you just feel better, like you get to just enjoy what you love and share with others who love it too, and the bad stuff is set a side even just for a little while.
This crew of incredible human beings is led by Deanna, who is so talented and hard working and kind and teaches at the Teresa Collins Event in Vegas. 
Deanna, getting her first tattoo, with Dyan for moral support!

Lori is Deanna's Mom and Stacey's Mom in Law and she is on hand to help all the time and always so organized! 
Lori, Dyan and Deanna

Stacey is one of the kindest people I have ever met and helped get donations together for The Salvation Army Art Therapy program and is now a Prima Marketing Educator! 
Stacey on the left with a huge donation for the Art Therapy Program from the staff and customers of Clipper Street!

Kim is always smiling and she got to meet my pretend country music boyfriend, Keith Urban and she is also an amazing photographer. 
Jo and Meghan are always smiling and you can just be yourself around them, (even if your normal self is a little twisted like me LOL) and they create amazing classes to teach. 

And that my friends, are just some of the reasons I love and support my local scrapbook store, Clipper Street and why they continously win Best of the Best in Langley. Three top awards, Best Cards and Stationary Store, Best Craft and Hobby Store, and Best Specialty Gift Store!!

You can find all this fabulousness here in Langley, BC!!
6360 202 St # 105
Langley, British Columbia
(604) 514-2229
Instagram:  @clipperstreet_scrapbook

A couple of the pictures are my own, the others are from the Clipper Street Facebook page, used with permission. And you can go there and see pictures from all the amazing classes!

 Thank you for stopping by and reading about one of my favorite places to be! And if you are ever in the Langley area, stop by and see this amazing team and shop for all the latest in supplies you know you NEED/want!

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. What a great post about Clipper Street, Cathy! It really is a fabulous store and the staff is so super friendly & helpful. 💕

  2. You are so lucky to have a local craft shop! And a great one at that!!

  3. Nailed it!!! Nicely written! !


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