Friday, November 4, 2016

Love this stamp!

My new favorite stamp is the Christmas Polka from Emerald Creek! I want the stamp to be the focal point and try to keep it simple. I did one a couple weeks ago with  red and Tea Dye and Vintage Photo and I loved that one (had more embellishments) but I wanted to try a couple other colour combos. 

I used the original color combo again because I do love it and then tried 2 others.

The one thing that I remembered to do with this one was emboss my red piece with the poinsettia folder before I attached it! I love the little extra texture it gives. Unfortunately I forgot that step on the other two, but will remember for the next batch, This combo is the Candied Apple Marker and Tea Dye. I used a very fine liner brush to paint in the scroll parts.

This combo is Stormy Sky and Brushed Pewter. The pewter really does stand out more in person than it does in the photos. I just could not capture the shimmer it gives.

This combo is Pine Needles and Tarnished Brass. I think embossing the gold piece of cardstock will make the next batch pop just a bit more.

To pain in the scroll work, again I just used a very fine line brush and sprayed my Tarnished Brass on my craft mat and picked up the colour from there. It does take a bit of time, but it's so worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a wonderful weekend with some creating time!



  1. Oh how I love this stamp, and love even more what you did with it!!!!!

  2. I am totally see why you love this stamp! It is eye catching and perfect for the season. I think the blue color combo is my fave but all are smashingly wonderous! The distressed edges and the curled tips add a perfect vintage vibe to your design. Gorgeous! ~Niki


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