Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello Everyone.......

It's hard to believe that the second month of the new year is almost over already!!

I started Life Book 2015 on January 1, 2015 and it has been an amazing learning adventure so far!! There are amazing instructors, so many things to learn and so much color and creativity! It is a wonderful journey to be on with some wonderful people. The group of people all on this journey are so supportive and caring and make all of us feel good about what we are creating. One of the best things about all the lessons is that you can follow exactly how the teacher does something or you can take the basics and create something that speaks to you more. So far I am following the teachers pretty closely, but I feel like by the end of this year I'll be venturing on my own when it's time to create, scary I know! But the confidence building and ignoring the "inner critic" that derails us all at times, is quite amazing and you truly could not find a safer more accepting place to share your work or ask questions.

I am a bit behind on my lessons, thank goodness for working at your own pace :) And I am kind of jumping around to complete ones that I feel more of a connection with. It's amazing to be learning from so many wonderful artist that I admire!

I have added my completed week assignments here on my Life Book 2015 page. This is where I'll add all my classes as I complete them, if I'm not afraid to share my finished project!

I have also started working on "The Happiness Project" with my sister and a friend of hers. We have decided to meet monthly to keep ourselves on track and it's nice to bounce some ideas of other people and see where they are too.

Lots of things going on right now. Not all good, but some are wonderful!! Work is a struggle as I don't have enough hours, but I keep looking, everyday and try to stay positive that the right thing will come along.

One of my personal goals for next month is to commit to keeping my blog current and updated at least weekly and really spend some time sharing what I learn, what I find that is creatively awesome and building a real presence in the blogging world. I'm starting a bit early and want to be into the habit soon. There is so much to share and learn from and I want to be part of that.

Check out my Life Book 2015 page for my completed art assignments and I'll be back soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend