Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lifebook 2015 - Official Participant

I am still reeling from the excitement in my world!! On Friday I was messaged and told I had won a seat in Lifebook 2015!! A year long art workshop with an amazing line up of teachers, some I already follow and adore and some new to me that I am loving learning about.
I am excited/nervous/terrified/happy and so many other emotions!! I love the creativeness that I know I have, but this will be out of my comfort zone as I"m not an artist...I play with colors and mixed media and alot of cards and pages etc. My sister is the one who can draw and I may have to ask her for some tips! This is going to open a whole new world of expression and learning for me and I am so damn excited about it!!

Short post tonight, but also put up a new page all about Lifebook 2015 with links and that will be the page that I share some of my journey on when the workshop starts on January 1, 2015!!

Thanks and have a great beginning of the week!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to blogging

Wow!! I have been offline and away from my blog for far too long!! With having no internet at home and needing all the data I had to use on my phone for work (although it went way over and cost a small fortune) being active on my blog has been put aside.
But I am happy to say that I have internet again and so glad as I see so many online art classes and workshops coming up!
One of the best ones up and coming is LifeBook 2015!! The list of talented instructors for this amazing course is mind boggling! I follow a number of them and just love their work and the thoughts that they share with everyone and I think that anyone taking this course is going to get so much out of it!

This link will take you directly to the blog of one of the teachers and one of my personal faves! She is sharing a journey through life with all of us and I love that somedays she has the words to describe how I'm feeling when I don't have them myself. It's like I start reading her blog and a little light bulb goes on above my head! :) 

Let's get back to blogging and creating and sharing!

Talk soon,