Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's the Weekend!

Another weekend has arrived!

Does everyone have a busy one planned? For those of us with nicer weather....any gardens being started this weekend? Or is it an arting weekend?

I don't have the space where my suite is to have a garden etc so not doing any of that, but I do go down the street and help my sister with hers during the spring and summer. It's kind of nice to be able to do some gardening but not have the whole thing to take care of. It works for me, I get to do some gardening, take pics of the flowers, spend time with my sister and hang out with my nephews, and my sister gets some help in her huge garden!

I am going to work on some art projects in a bit. I have a 12X12 canvas on the go for my sister, should be done tonight I hope. Then I'm going to work on a couple of my Life Book lessons as well.

And at some point I really should grab some dinner. So all in all a pretty quiet day/night for me and I am okay with that.

Next weekend will be busier, it's Craft Night with the girls at my house on Friday, out for dinner for my Dad's 67th birthday on Saturday and the season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday!! I am going to have withdrawals having to wait till next fall for my Walking Dead fix!!

Have a great evening all, I may even be back later with finished projects, but no promises on that one! :)


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  1. A busy weekend coming up for you huh?! We still are very cold here, and the ground has not defrost so no gardening just yet. I like your win/win scenario! My sisters do not live in the same town so I envy you, to be able to spend time with your sister and doing an activity you both like!


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