Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Really Am Creating!!

I know it seems like I may be doing nothing...but honest I am!! LOL  I have a number of projects coming up next week and the week after and I can't wait to share them with you!! But for now I'd like to share some of my crafting I did while I was on the east coast of Canada, having my first visit to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island! I took some supplies with me, picked up a couple of small things while I was there and just used the quiet evening time to play and relax. Sometimes it was at the little kitchen table we had in our cottage or it was on the kitchen island in the big house we all stayed in, or the coffee table in my pretend bedroom(really a second living room but worked out great for us). I worked on fun tags, tags with trip stuff on them, a thank you card for my cousins and a birthday card for my Uncle Jim.

This was the birthday card for my Uncle Jim for his 70th birthday. So glad I grabbed a handful of my TH Paper dolls and threw them in my little travel bag.

For the map piece, I just trimmed it down, rounded the corners and then drew the hearts on. One around Nova Scotia where my Uncle lives and one around Vancouver where the rest of us live.

And these paper dolls were perfect. The two boys represent my Uncle Jim and my Uncle Rick (who passed away in July a number of years ago), the two girls represent my Auntie Judy and my Mom (who passed 4 years ago) and the lone show off girl is my Auntie Barb, who is 16 years younger than her oldest sibling. I think my Uncle liked his card.

I also did a thank you card, attached to a bottle of vodka to make more vodka slushy, for my cousin Ken and Nancy and Kaley, the owners of Hope River Farm. Be sure to check out the facebook page to follow the antics of farm life in PEI. They fed us so well while we were there and their table was full of family, 12 of us total!!

I seriously just threw in handfuls of TH Paper Dolls and other cards, some stuff from the Prima St. Tropex line and stamps that I loved like the Dina Wakely one that I used to border this card. Colour is from my DW Scribble Sticks and my Wendy Vecchi Minis.

These tags were from our first days of heading out to the east coast, from our dinner at the airport in Vancouver to our first night on Cape Breton Island. The Lighthouse Cottages were probably my fave little cottages. And if you go to the site and let the pics run  through, we had the 3 cottages closest to the green space. What a view and lovely beach space.

This piece was from a brochure and the top piece was my receipt from the Glenorra Distillery that we visited.

One of my sassy girl tags! It was just nice to sit and play after busy days of driving, sight seeing and beach combing.

And this one went to my Auntie Judy due to a conversation, over dishes, in my Auntie Nikki's kitchen after some wine and my made up on the spot poem that consisted of "Sassy, Sassy, kiss my assy" had to be there to find this as hilarious as we did and family is batshit crazy!! LOL

And these three tags were done one evening while crafting on the kitchen island while we stayed in big house on the Bay of Fundy. Even though there were 10 of us, it was always kind of quiet i nthe evening, I was crafting, another group was playing crib at the dining room table, another group sitting in the living room reading. Everyone doing their own thing but still all together as a family.

 Thanks all for stopping by! One day soon I'll post some pics of the amazing scenery we saw on the east coast and some of the places we stayed. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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