Friday, June 30, 2017

A Coffee Lover's Journal

Wow!! My blog has been quiet because I have been away, over to the east coast of Canada. We went to visit family, take my Mom's ashes to the Atlantic where her brother's ashes were put, celebrate my Uncle's 70th birthday and see some of the sites. What an adventure, but more on that another time.
I wanted to share my All Things Coffee Journal that I created with the Eileen Hull Journal Die! I posted pics of if before, but didn't get the chance to do a post with some more detail pics.
I love this die!! I already have a list of other ones I want to create, some just because and some to actually complete a project and show off some trips. And yes, there will certainly be more than one of my Nova Scotia/PEI adventures!
Here is my first journal. All Things Coffee. And environmentally friendly too since almost everything I used to make it is repurposed from my caffeine addiction! :)

I also for the first time did a video of the flip through of my journal. It's in 2 parts because my camera person aka my daughter had a focus issue and then we got the giggles so please watch both parts LOL

Part One

Part Two

And here are some close ups of the inside pages. Almost everything on the inside pages is from my coffee adventures around town and also from home (we drink alot of coffee around here) and some of my tuck spots are made from vintage Nabob coupons.

Emerald Creek brads and the gorgeous ecQuarry line are always a perfect touch!

Tim Holts's Vintage Market Alphabet and Emerald Creek's Charred Gold EP...a match made in heaven!

Of course Tim Horton's is the first page...I am a Timmy's girl!

A little mix of Blenz (my morning routine at work) and hmmm.....surprise surprise more Tim Horton's (the tiny tags are from a Tim's cup)

I used half a Th glassine envelope to create this little pocket then used the other half to create another pocket in the next signature.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to make more journals and share them with you! On the list is a wine journal, one for my Disney trip (that happened cough 17 years ago cough), my trip to Nova Scotia and PEI.....the list is just going to get longer. This is just the perfect size for sharing memories and things you love!
Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Wow a coffee journal, what a wonderful idea!! And it's so beautifully done, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Forgot to mention that may be you'd interested in linking up to the 2017 Summer Coffee Lovers' Blobhop, see details and link up here:


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