Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scrapbook Carnival - Part 2

I know it has taken me a bit longer to get this small second piece up but I've been busy at my craft table creating and playing and prepping for a craft fair in November!
The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival 2016 in Calgary was, as I've told you in Part 1, absolutely amazing!! All the cropping and layouts being created in the center of the event, make and takes from vendors, all the incredible projects on display. Absolutely amazing! The people made it even better. I was lucky to meet so many people I admire and respect and day 2 was no different.
The theme for the Carnival this year was Super Heros! So My Super Hero was "Charm Chick" and I never did get a picture of my costume on! So here is a little collage of my cape and headpiece that I wore! Attached were over 50 charms and brads all available from Emerald Creek Craft Supplies!

Another huge highlight of the weekend for me was meeting and being able to chat with some of the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine crew! These ladies recently suffered a huge loss of someone very dear to them, yet they were there every day giving it 110% and making sure everyone was having a great time and vendors had what they needed, announcing door prizes, and taking time to chat or visit with people that spoke to them. And that is a huge deal to people like myself who aren't well known in the industry or a business owner etc....yet time was still taken to say hi, or love your costume or respond to quick questions and people just wanting to say hi. Katharina Doyle was so wonderful and friendly and it was a big deal to me to chat, even briefly with her. And at the end of the second day as things were getting torn down, Jackie Ludlage was kind enough to take a pic with's the small moments that make an event a wonderful memory! It was an amazing event and I wish I had been more open with my creating etc when I lived in Calgary for over 10 years!! LOL 
I was very excited to meet some of the talented, creative, supportive women that I just love admire and respect for all they do on a daily basis!

Thank you so much for taking the time for a quick pic Jackie. It's going in my frame with my pic of Dyan Reaveley and I :)

End of the event and got a couple great pics of the Creative Scrapbooker Team, not everyone was there but was so glad to get this pic.
 And my last highlight was my signed Tim Holtz stamp set! Of course I couldn't sign off without a pic of that!! Thanks so much for sending out those stamp sets Tim!

Hope you are all having a great week!! Thank you for visiting and reading!


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