Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Week, New Job, My Ass has been kicked!

Well holy smack!!

First week at my new job has thoroughly kicked my ass....and then some!! That said, I am very grateful to have finally found a job here and earning an income again!! Next step, catch up on bills, purchase art supplies and oh yeah get out and see my city. Well I did live here before but didn't really see much of what there is here. So this time, once the income is regular, I want to head into downtown Vancouver and go see some sights and take thousands of pictures of the architecture and windows and everything! and maybe try to sketch some of them too?! We'll see how that one turns out :)

And maybe I can be the cool Auntie that I want to be and take my nephew to interesting and new places too!! I think he would get bored fast but I would like to take him to the Vancouver Art Gallery, hopefully that would be something new for both of us. Or maybe just a trip to someplace new and a special lunch at diner that he would remember and pics for scrapbooking of course.

So many hurdles along the way, but am so glad to be home in Langley, close to most of my family and best friends. Time to enjoy what is here and make memories

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  1. It's nice to hear from you Cathy and know that you're doing well. Looking forward to see your creations at CST.


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