Monday, April 28, 2014

Has it really been two weeks?!

Wow!! Time sure does fly and some of it was fun!

We did Easter a day early because my sis and bro-in-law were going on a trip on their own, no kids. We colored eggs on Friday night and it was so much fun having little ones around to color eggs again. Although my grown kids colored eggs and so did the rest of the adults too. Egg decorating is some serious business in our family.

My daughter using the dip technique to get multi colored layers
My son did one egg with his fave band and it turned out great

You know shit just got serious when Dad puts on his glasses to decorate eggs!! LOL

 It was also another first.....our first Easter without my Mom. I found it very hard as I have with all the other "firsts" we've already gone through. I pulled out the cups that we used as kids and that my kids used for eons to color eggs and took them over for my sister's boys. They are only 6 and 2 so the Easter egg dyeing cups will get a few more years of use and that makes me happy.

Can you tell which one is used for the blue dye every year?! haha

Getting the dye ready and using Mom's old china cups ♥
Then on Saturday night we had a big dinner with family and my sis made the potato salad that Mom always made for Easter, I made the rice salad she used to make and Dad did alot of "Remember when..." and teared up a few times. But he did okay and then spent the following week looking after his little grandsons while their folks were having some time away.

Dad has gone back to PG and to give his notice this week. He is finally retiring at the end of May and moving down here, so it will be good to have him close to all of us.

Last week was busy busy with work and aches and pains but it seemed to fly by and my evenings were just gone with napping and lounging. Not terribly productive last week, but I'm hopefull this week will be a better one.

The weekend just past, my kids and I continued our "Sunday Afternoon Adventures" and went to a great little British Car Show in Fort Langley. I'll add pics of that tomorrow evening :)

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to a wonderful week!! And for all things glittery and creative, please go and check out Effy Wild's April Blog Along post, she is truly such an inspiration on so many levels

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