Monday, March 31, 2014

April 2014

Revamping my blog to show a few new things I have been working on and to showcase some of the things I will be having for sale. Hard to believe we are 3 months into 2014 already.
I am still struggling with the sudden and unexpected loss of my Mom in August. It's only been 7 months but some days it feels like it has been forever and other days it feels like it was just yesterday.
I miss her all the time but it's strange what little things I remember the most, like Friday at work I saw a lady getting crossword puzzle books, just like my Mom used to all the time, almost burst into tears. Especially now when I have completed so many new craft projects, the person I always showed them too first was Mom, and now she's not here for me to show them too. I just started making things again last month...up until then, the last thing I had made was all the thank you cards for people that were very kind to my family the week we lost Mom.
And shortly after I got my Dad's stuff packed from the house and taken care of, I moved back to BC, closer to the rest of my family. So many changes is what really is a short amount of time, I think some days I'm coping okay, other days.....not so much.
But it's time to get creating again and taking pictures and learning to draw maybe? and setting my an etsy shop and lots of other things :)

Till next time,

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