Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter, Best Friends and Life

Yes....I know my last post was a depressing one. But that's  life some days. Things haven't  improved too much and the job interview that I had and was super excited for, didn't turn out in my favor. I had thought it had gone so well but someone else got the position.

Easter weekend was awesome though!!! My best friend came over from the island for a jammies clad crafting weekend!! Picked her up at the ferry terminal about noonish....talked all the way back to the house then talked some more. Do you have that friend in your life that you can say anything matter how dark & depressing it is, or how silly it sounds. That person that you can say everything that is wrong...ALL of it and there is no judging, just understanding and empathy and then tears (lots of those) and then some laughter (tons of that) maybe some more tears. Yeah that's  my friend  Linda Lou!!! I am so glad she came even though I truly had nothing to offer her...cept tea, but she came, picked up a few groceries & snacks and still came for the long weekend! And I needed that visit even more than I knew! And to top it all off....she spent a bunch of time with my crazy family coloring eggs and then Easter dinner the next night!

Going on 24 years of friendship and we are still the most hysterically funny people we know!! And nope....not everything we find funny is politically correct or appropriate yet we laugh anyways!

We spent Saturday evening dyeing eggs with my much fun!! So much dye spilled on the table....we decided we should have white material on the table next year because the spilling made such cool colors and patterns!

Getting all the dyes readyand still using Mom's teacups that we used when we were kids 

There were alot of eggs dyed (and cracked)

 I am very lucky that I am able to do fun things like this with my nephews!

Will post again very soon to share some of my works in progress from my art table and some great pictures I took out at Crescent Beach last week!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a great start to your week!


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  1. I once came across a sentiment that says "Friendship if the wine of life". How true!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!! Thanks for sharing the fun pics.


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