Monday, February 20, 2012

So Much To Learn

I have been busy reading and taking notes for part of this wonderful long weekend (other parts required me to have my sweet little purple car towed due to the smoke pouring out of it).
There is so much information to go through that is so helpful in preparing you to be a great demonstrator. And I'm sure that it doesn't all have to be read and memorized in the first few days, but for me it's all in. I find some of it to be common sense kind of things which is so helpful to see in writing, because I know for me when I get so excited about something I sometimes forget basic things lol

I am so glad there is so much valuable information and ideas to help me on this path, and that I also have an amzing mentor/friend that I know I can ask anything and if she doesn't have the answer she will help me find it.  That said though, if I need to take up her time (she is running her business too) I want it to be with things that I haven't seen someplace else, i think that makes better use of time.
I'm sure I have missed some things along the way, which is why I go back and re-read and will go through again and just highlight some things (good thing no one else sees my messy notes).

I am also really looking forward to getting my kit so that I can start creating and planning some classes and having everything be more "real". But later this evening I will put up some pictures of recent classes I have taken and show you some of the great projects that are possible with some of these amazing stamp sets, paper and colors.

Happy Family Day!



  1. It sounds like you had a really productive weekend! The demonstrator website is SO awesome! I bet you've been having fun with it! What's the status on your car?!?!

    PS I'm happy to answer any question, any time! So ask away!

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