Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day....To shop or not to shop that is the question

The lead up the Christmas was a road of numerous bumps and turns and unexpected things, not all good, but for the most part I was excited for the holidays.
My kids were very happy with their gifts, my Dad is here for the holidays, (shhh don't tell him this, but I really miss him) and I got some Christmas gifts to spend.  Now to decide whether I really need the Big Kick or Big Shot or whether i should be doing something sensible with my money.  Decisions decisions LOL
I was very lucky this holiday season to be able to spend time crafting and learning new things which I am so happy about and looking forward to the new year list of classes with Nice People Stamp with Allison
and being able to spend time with people I love to bits. Jackie and make me laugh so hard and I love how Allison gets suckered into helping you with your stuff.  That will all change in the new year...I'm gonna be the whiner so I get the help!! LOL
So this hasn't helped me decide what i'm going to do, but I wanted to take the time to update my blog since it has been neglected for a few weeks now and am hoping that I will update much more often with new projects completed :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with love laughter family and friends and that everyone got a little something that they wanted or needed :) <3

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  1. I stayed home at Boxing Day :)
    I hope you spoil yourself with your gifts :)
    Good luck on my give away.
    Thank you for entering, it brought me to your blog :)


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