Saturday, November 19, 2011

Awesome end to the week :)

Wednesday was my Tim Holtz 12 x 12 Framed Art Class at The Scrapyard! It was fantastic and i got to take it with a dear friend so that made even more fun! We decorated our frames with tissue paper, and made 9 small squares all inked and embellished. Those were then adhered to small black squares to be glued to a large 12 x 12 piece of board. Almost got finished but worked on it again tonight to get it done. will hopefully have a photo of the completed art by the end of the weekend. One of my black squares was missing so I'll have to go back and grab it.
Then tonight was an awesome crop night with great friends and more awesome friends just popped in for visits!! I am very lucky to know some incredible people and even more lucky to be able to call them friends! Worked on my art project, got some royal blue bags so I can make a paper bag book for my sister for Christmas, another class i took last month, and we all had a cake to celebrate our friend's transfer to a store that she loves.  WE will miss her as our scrapbook teacher but very happy for her that she gets to work at the store she loves!! We will follow you Izzie...LOL
Tomorrow will be a quiet day I think, time to work on my Christmas gifts and relax and listen to Christmas music :)

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