Lifebook 2015

Completed Lessons from Life Book 2015

 LB Week 1 - Warm Up with Tamara Laporte

 LB Week 1 - Beacon of Light with Tamara Laporte
This one was just completed because I was avoiding it. I haven't ever drawn a face before and I was very nervous about this one, but I love how she turned out

LB Week 2 - Playing Tag with Roben-Marie Smith

 LB Week 2 - My Awesome Jar with put little slips of paper in with good things that happen throughout the year and at the end, take them all out, read them and realize/remind us how many good things do happen :)

 LB Week 3 - The Artful Wordsmith with Joanne Sharpe We learned lettering and I decorated the front of my practice journal too

LB Week 3 - The Artful Wordsmith
LB Week 5 - Dreamcatcher with Rachael Rice This one was extra special to me because it was through Rachael's giveaway that I won a seat in this amazing year long workshop. I made a few changes because sometimes you just need to work with what you have and I still love how it turned out. Thank you Rachael for this amazing experience ♥

LB Week 5 - Affirmation Feather with Tam Laporte
Inside the feather are words for the year and things that we'd like to change for the year to make it a positive year!

 LB Week 7 - Magical Mystery Tour with Violette Clark
Loved this lesson and the techniques Violette used and super exciting because she lives near where I am!!

LB Week 8 - Treasure Seeking with Mati Rose McDonough
Loved watching her work and so cool to use some of the supplies that I have had for ages and not touched. Was supposed to be gold leaf, didn't have any but had this interesting gold pinky colored leafing product, used that and love the result.

 LB Week 9 - Favorite Favorites with Lynn Whipple
Again a wonderful lesson, I didn't have the watercolor paints required so I used my Twinkling H2O's that I haven't used in ages and it makes the whole page shimmer!! I was almost glad I didn't have the proper supplies :)

I have been following Tam Laporte and a number of other artists for a couple of years now. One of the workshops I always wanted to take is called Lifebook! It has always sounded like such an amazing journey led by so many talented artists that I wanted to be a part of it. I haven't been able to financially for a myriad of reasons, BUT this year long workshop is so reasonably priced and I've no issue with that, I just wasn't able to make ends meet so this was not an option for me yet.
Then the advertising started for Lifebook 2015 and when the list of teachers was announced, a blog hop was announce too. Every teacher had one spot to give away to someone!! I started the blog hop and left my comments, and was introduced to some amazing talent that I'd not discovered on my own.
Fast forward into the second week of the blog hop and I commented on Rachael Rice's blog about Lifebook 2015 and........I WON!!! I have a seat for Lifebook 2015!! Seriously a dream come true for me!!
Below are two links for Lifebook 2015. The first one is the link for the blog hop and the list of all the teachers, there is still time for you to enter! And the second link is the one that tells you all about Lifebook 2015!

Lifebook 2015 Blog Hop and Teacher Line Up

All About Lifebook 2015

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